Mrs. India - One in a Million


Mrs. India One in a Million, a beauty Pageant, is completely dedicated to all married women of the country specially designed with its three of the categories (Platinum, Gold, and Classic). A pageant that does not just enhance the self-image and confidence of the women, it also emphasis the grace, poises, and originality of a woman.

Our purpose is not just to find a winner but to show women that they all are winners; we aim to provide a platform where our women can come forward and turn their dreams into reality. The first-ever beauty pageant in India, where we offer once in a lifetime opportunities to our crowned winners to represent India Internationally.

While these days beauty pageants around the world are just about putting idealized versions of a woman on a competitive stage and crowning the Winner with a prestigious Title, but our aim is to bring their life experiences in front of the world to represent other issues in society to make the change for our next generation. Mrs India One in a Million believes in helping to change the world of today's women, here the competition doesn't just focus on beauty, but it allows each woman with the opportunity to grow and enhance their personal image by making it advance to achieve their goals in future while acting as a role model in their own community.

The Registration Fee is Rs. 2000.00/- And the Selected Finalist Fee is Rs. 100000 +GST Including All Accommodation (T&C*) Note: Incase of any query please feel free to call us at +91-63945 50375

We strive to provide our society with the best. Tiska Pageants has contributed efforts towards betterment of the society, motivated people to work-hard for achieving their dreams and turn them into reality.

Certificate of Appreciation for Tiska pageants from World Book of Records, London for our dedicated work has made us very proud and recognizable.

Mrs. India - One in a Million







Harpreet Kaur


Ragini Kulkarni

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